Excerpts from the book Mystic's Musings

Question: Sadhguru, are you saying I can receive the Guru's Grace by sitting in the Dhyanalinga?

Sadhguru: When you say Dhyanalinga, it is the highest manifestation of the Divine. It is like a living person, with all the seven chakras manifesting themselves at their peak. It is alive. It is not on the physical plane; it is on the level of the etheric body or the spiritual body. There's a whole body of a person in a very subtle way. It's definitely like a Guru, maybe not a physical Guru who speaks to you, but still a Guru. A Guru is not there to speak to you or to guide you on the physical level. Your relationships in the world are physical, mental or emotional, but the relationship with your Guru is such that he touches you in those dimensions where others cannot. Dhyanalinga definitely touches you in these dimensions, so it is definitely your Guru.

For you to make use of it as your Guru, a simple way is just to gaze at the Dhyanalinga for a few minutes and then sit with eyes closed, not trying to visualize, not trying to imagine, not trying to bring it back into your memory - that will happen by itself. We want to imprint the form of the Dhyanalinga within yourself, into your energy system, because it's not a physical form, it's an energy form. The stone Linga that you see was only used as scaffolding to create the energy form. It is the energy form that imprints itself on your system. It functions from within. Once you allow this to happen, it's always with you, guiding you, making things happen to you on deeper dimensions within you. See, you're also made of the same stuff, but in you it is dormant, almost absent. It is unable to find that level of intensity, because you are too stuck with your karmic substances - your physical, your mental and your pranic bodies. If you raise your pitch, you can also become like that, as intense and beautiful. So it definitely functions as your Guru, and for one who is into any spiritual sadhana, it's extremely useful. You can clearly experience this.

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