Isha Yoga Center

"A powerful space consecrated for inner unfoldment, having a deeply dedicated community which is an embodiment of love and commitment to all." - Sadhguru

The foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains, forty kilometers from the city of Coimbatore in southern India, serve as home for the Isha Yoga Center. Spread across 150 acres of land, the ashram houses Dhyanalinga, Spanda meditation hall, Isha Rejuvenation Center, Isha Home School, Yogic Hospital and also cottages for visitors. The Isha Yoga Center, created under the aegis of Isha Foundation is a popular destination attracting people from all parts of the world and is unique in its offering of all the four major paths of yoga - gnana(knowledge), karma (action), kriya (energy), and bhakthi (devotion).

The architecturally distinctive Spanda Hall and garden, a 64,000 sq.ft pillar less meditation hall and program facility is the venue for residential isha yoga programs and celebrations. The dominating feature of this space is the exquisite wall mural painting, depicting the life of the first yogi, Shiva. Measuring 140 x 12 ft, this masterpiece of art is the largest of its kind in the world. The style of painting - a dying art from the temple town of Guruvayur in the state of Kerala, uses only vegetable dyes and earth extracts.

Isha rejuvenation is an initiative designed by Sadhguru to allow an individual to experience inner peace and the joy of a healthy body.

Isha rejuvenation offers a unique and powerful combination of programs, carefully tailored and sequenced to bring vibrancy and proper balance to one's life energies. This balance is crucial for healthy living as well as for preventing and uprooting chronic ailments.

Isha Home School, the vision and long-time dream of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev aims at providing quality education in a home-like environment. Ensuring that fun and adventure go hand in hand with learning, it makes education a process of discovery and joy. The school, in some way, resembles the extended large joint families of the past, wherein each person - whilst retaining his or her individuality- is also an active part of an intimate microcosm of people of different age groups, mental make-up and needs.

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