offering of milk

Excerpts from Sadhguru's talks

Question: What is the great significance of offering milk to Linga when there is shortage to the poor in tones of liters. You are not believer of that. Kindly explain the true story.

Sadhguru:Yes, in a country where children are starved of basic nutrition, should we pour something that could be consumed by them over a stone? Definitely, it's a question; but it's not just a stone. And people, human beings don't live by bread alone. People come to this country not seeking bread. People come to this country seeking something which bread cannot fulfill; because always this culture had the depth of knowledge about offering that dimension to the world. No other culture has ever produced the depth of spiritual processes as this country has, and that's not happened over night. That has taken thousands and thousands of years and a tremendous amount of work, the kind of work that you cannot even imagine.

I think one person, who sort of summarized it right was Mark Twain. The American writer was so excited about the Indian mystics and yogis. He came and spent a little over three months in India and he traveled about and he got to meet some significant people. And when he was leaving, he said, anything that can ever be done either by man or God has been done in this land, and that's a fact. We even know how to create a god, that's not a joke. We know how to manufacture a god; that's what you see in the form of Dhyanalinga there. For one who does not know, it may be just a stone. It's just a question of perception.

So does Dhyanalinga need nourishment? No he doesn't need nourishment. What you call as Dhyanalinga is not a stone anymore. Stone is just a format that we used and if we want to preserve the stone over a period of time, we need to nourish it. Otherwise the stone will flake and break away. And people who experience it in a tremendous way, their hearts will be broken. Because the energy in it is so strong, it can chip away the stone after some time if a certain amount of fat content is not kept in it constantly. So that's the reason why milk is offered. It doesn't drink much. Milk doesn't go waste.

For somebody who is so concerned, if your concern is not genuine; we wouldn't like to talk about it, but if your concern is genuine, children are drinking that milk. Not just the nourishment of the cow’s milk, the nourishment of the linga also. So lot of care is taken before the milk is poured that it doesn't go bad because of anything that may be there.

And another important aspect is, people when they come there, when something draws them, when they see something as a higher possibility, it is natural in the human being he wants to offer something. Because it has touched them so deeply they want to do something to him. And on a daily basis there is nothing to offer, its all from a distance. So twice a month, they are given an opportunity that they are allowed to do something to him.

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