offering of sound

Excerpted from the book Mystic's Musings

Question: I experienced nadha aradhana at the Dhyanalinga, which has been the most beautiful and moving experience of my life. Sadhguru, what is the importance of the offering of sounds?

Sadhguru: You should perceive this properly. In a sense, nadha aradhana is not doing anything in particular. The offering of sounds is not doing anything in terms of energy. The reason why it was brought in was because the energy of the Dhyanalinga can become so enormously powerful that people may feel too overwhelmed by it. So we started making sounds to ease it - not to increase it, but to ease it. If there was a huge movement of people coming to the Dhyanalinga, that would be handled by itself. Right now, on certain days we have about ten or fifteen thousand people, but on other days just a few hundred people. So many times of the day, and especially during the night, there's nobody moving around atthe Dhyanalinga; it is still. In the stillness, the energy of the Dhyanalinga becomes overwhelming. When it is so overwhelming, when any situation is overwhelming, a natural reaction of a human being would be to close up. This is because humans spend their whole lives being concerned about their survival. If they enter a situation which is overwhelming, their defense mechanism just closes them up. They create a cocoon of protection that doesn't allow the external to enter. When people come to the Dhyanalinga, they tend to close themselves instead of opening themselves, because it's too overwhelming. So now we're just doing a nadha, or a sound. To listen to the sound, you open yourself. The moment you open yourself, the energies begin to work; it's just a trick. Every moment could be like that, but most people don't have that receptivity. If I just sit here, you won't be receptive to me. So I am talking; now you become receptive to me, but actually I can do more things to you when I'm not speaking than when I'm speaking, because the most significant aspect of my life is when I am not doing anything. The most significant aspect of me is when I am really not doing anything; that's when I am explosive.

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