Excerpts from the book Mystic's Musings

Question: Sadhguru, why are there no rituals at the Dhyanalinga?

Sadhguru: Traditionally, rituals were made by understanding certain processes in the existence. They were created so that the place of ritual gathers a certain amount of energy, a certain amount of prana for people to benefit from. There are various types of rituals performed for different benefits that one can derive. There is a science to it. If it is performed properly - keeping the basic norms in the ritual and the performer, how he is and how competent he is - certain energy fields can be created, but these rituals would be meaningless in the space of Dhyanalinga, where the intensity of the energy is so dominant.

The presence of Dhyanalinga is very powerful in the form of energy. Performing any ritual would be absolutely meaningless in that kind of space, because Dhyanalinga has gone through prana prathishta. It is in the highest level of intensity that any form can be. If you intensify the energy beyond this, it's bound to become formless. When this level of intensity and this kind of energy is present, performing a ritual would be meaningless because rituals are of those dimensions which create a certain type of energy. Dhyanalinga is manifested with all the seven chakras in place. The seven chakras represent the seven dimensions of life. It is a complete system of energy. Dhyanalinga is a complete system of energy that one can make use of on many levels of life. In a space like this, rituals would be of no significance and out of place.

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