Excerpts from the book Mystic's Musings

Question: What's the origin of this Linga form? Is there any scientific explanation to it, Sadhguru?

Sadhguru: When un-manifest energy begins to manifest itself, the first form is always the Linga. The word Linga means the form. Why we are referring to it as the form is: the first form in the existence is always a Linga. Linga means a perfect ellipsoid. The first form of creation is an ellipsoid. Today modern cosmologists are saying that the core of every galaxy is in the form of an ellipsoid. There are many pictures that show just this. Yoga has always been saying, the first and final form is a Linga. If you become meditative, your energies will naturally take the form of a Linga. From our experience, we clearly know this.

Something beautiful like this happened with one of our meditators. A few years ago, when I was conducting a program in the United States, there was a participant who was an intuitive artist. During the program she just kept gazing at me, scribbling and scribbling, without looking at the paper she was drawing on and never lifting the pen off the paper, just scribbling. After three days of scribbling, she had a drawing of a form. When she finally looked at it, she could not make anything out of it. She did not know anything about the Dhyanalinga and she thought the drawing looked like a doorway. She came to me and said, "I want to show you this. My intuition drove me to draw this. I was just looking at you and this is what came out. It looks like a doorway. Maybe you're my doorway." I looked at it. It was the shape of a perfect Linga. She got the essence of my energy just like that and drew a perfect Linga.

The first form is a Linga. The final form before dissolution is also a Linga. So a Linga is held as a doorway to the beyond, whether you go this way or that way. Both ways, before dissolving into nothingness, the final form is always a perfect ellipsoid. The science of Linga-making is based on this. If you give me any object, this paper for example, I can make it highly energetic and give it to you. In a few seconds I can make it highly energetic. If you hold it before and after I touch it, you will feel the difference, but the paper won't be able to retain this energy; it will hold it for some time, and again it will become just a piece of paper. It cannot sustain it; but if you create a perfect Linga form, it becomes a perennial storehouse of energy. Once you charge it, it will always stay that way.

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