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The Outer Parikrama

Dhyanalinga, the distilled essence of yogic science, is a wonder, both in the physical and metaphysical senses. This energy centre of tremendous proportions offers a sacred space where transformation from the limited to the resplendent unbounded can happen in an instant.

The intricate pathway leading to the Dhyanalinga shrine communicates a sense of sheer artistic and spiritual magnificence. The Inner Parikrama is specially conceived to systematically prepare the devotees to better receive the energies of the Dhyanalinga and experience deep states of meditativeness.

The Outer Parikrama incorporates several mystical and aesthetic elements:

A Reception Center, located at the southeast end, welcomes visitors and gives them an introduction to the inception, making, and spiritual significance of the shrine.

Behind the dome, the monolithic Trimurthy Panel depicts the three fundamental qualities essential for a human being's inner growth : Rudra, Hara, Sadashiva. Rudra is an intense state of mind. Hara is the quality of childlike meditativeness. Sadashiva is an ever blissful state of being.

The Linga Bhairavi is a highly expressive and exuberant feminine form of a linga. It represents the Divine in its feminine manifestation - refined and raw, powerful and colorful. Located at the southwest corner of the complex, this deity will be an earthy, humane, and mother-like presence, an absolute woman of ultimate proportions - whimsical and compassionate.

At the northern end, the Chandrakund, with its powerfully consecrated Rasalinga (mercury linga), is yet another splendid preparatory tool that reactivates dormant life forces and directs them towards the Divine. This energy-soaked water body embedded 35 ft. in the earth, is framed by gigantic granite stones and vaulted by a colorful traditional mural depicting the Maha Kumbh Mela. A bath in its vibrant waters greatly enhances spiritual receptivity while having an uplifting effect on one's physical and mental well-being.

Nandavanam is an enchanted garden of traditional and rare flowering plants a magical landscape of vivid tapestry, a multihued offering to the Dhyanalinga.

Two specially conceived Sadhana Halls stand at the western side of the complex as a unique and powerful space to impart transformative yogic practices.

The adjoining Audio-visual Gallery, a state-of-the-art multimedia facility, provides information about the Dhyanalinga, Sadhguru, Isha Foundation, and its myriad activities.

The aesthetically lush Isha Gallery offers an exquisite collection of Isha handicrafts, garments and accessories, portraits, books, audio-visual material, and souvenirs, preserving the wealth of our artistic and cultural heritage.

Additional mandapams and shaded pathways will interlink the complex and complete the overall mystic ambiance.

The vibrant, sacred space of the Dhyanalinga complex, with its various components, will undoubtedly be a spiritual legacy of inestimable value for generations to come.

We welcome your generous contribution and support in making this happen.

dhyanalinga front mandapam Trimurthy panel depicting 3 states of human growththeerthakund

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