Qualities of Dhyanalinga

The basic thrust of the energies of the Dhyanalinga is to foster the spiritual growth and evolution of a person. However, the Dhyanalinga will radiate seven different qualities of life on the seven days of the week by which one may derive various benefits.

Monday: Earth being the tathwa , this element stirs the spiritual energies in the most fundamental way and helps one rise beyond the limitations of food and sleep. It helps in fertility, childbirth, and the cleansing of doshas in the body and mind. It releases one from financial and emotional insecurity. It removes the fear of death. It firmly establishes one within the body and also the world outside. The day is most conducive to the aspiration of people seeking to make a spiritual beginning. It is the root of all growth and brings awareness of the divinity in man.

Tuesday: Water being the tathwa, it provides the fluidity to create one's life the way one wants. It helps in procreation, imagination, intuition, and mental stability. It supports conjugal relationships and is a very good day for healing one's inner ailments.

Wednesday: Fire being the tathwa, it creates a zest for life and aids in general health, helps in digestion related problems, material well being and health, in particular, for children below 4 years of age. It brings physical balance and self-confidence. It nurtures selflessness and brings a deep understanding of the body. It hastens the dissolution of karmic bondage.

Thursday: Air being the tathwa, freedom becomes the way. It is an important day for seeking the divine. It is a meeting and a balance of the lower and higher energies. Love and devotion are the way. Radiance and innocence become the qualities of the person. A very good day to shed karmic bondage.

Friday: Space being the tathwa, limitlessness and freedom are the basic qualities, highly purifying for those who are suffering from any kind of negative energies, spells, black magic and bad vibrations. It develops memory, concentration, patience, self-confidence, and synchronicity with nature. It lowers the dependence on food and water.

Saturday: Being the Maha tathwa, it is beyond all duality. It leads to knowledge and enlightenment. Peace is the dominant quality. It is very important for those seeking self-realization. It helps one to go beyond the five elements and allows the individual to attain viveka (wisdom). It brings one in tune with the cosmic laws and become one with everything.

Sunday: It marks the celebration of life beyond all senses. This is the best day to receive the Guru's grace and to break the illusion of the individual self.


- tathwa: element, as in the five elements.

- dosha: defect or blemish. Specifically refers to defects in the physical, mental or energy bodies

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