The Science of the Dhyanalinga

In Sanskrit, Dhyana, essentially means “meditation” and linga means “form.” When a person comes to a deep state of meditativeness within himself, his or her energies naturally take the form of a linga. It is with this understanding that lingas came to be revered and worshipped in India. A linga is a perfect ellipsoid. Although generally associated with Shiva in the mythology – scientifically, this shape is the only shape that can serve as a perennial storehouse of energy.

The linga is created in such a way that even those who do not know meditation can experience meditation. This is a science: it does not belong to any religion. Whoever comes within the sphere of the Dhyanalinga has the power to reach the peak of consciousness.

Imbibing Dhyanalinga does not require devotion. One can approach it with devotion also, but even if there is no devotion, one can experience inner transformation just by being receptive and available to the energies of the Dhyanalinga.

There is a belief in India that if one wants wealth, one should visit a certain temple, if one wants health, one should visit another temple and so on. This belief is there because, generally, only one aspect of life is enshrined in a temple. In the Dhyanalinga, all the aspects of life are enshrined together in the form of the seven chakras.

"The core of every galaxy is always an ellipsoid. A perfect ellipsoid is what is referred to as a linga. So the first form, from un-manifest to manifest-when it begins to manifest as creation-the first form that it takes is always the form of an ellipsoid.

And from our experience we know if you raise your energies to a certain pitch, the final form that your energy takes before dissolution is also that of an ellipsoid.

So the linga is seen as a doorway to the beyond, from both ends. The first form of manifestation is an ellipsoid. The final form of dissolution is also an ellipsoid. So because the A and Z of creation happen to be the linga, it is seen as a doorway to the beyond. " - Sadhguru

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