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In India, it is tradition that prior to entering any sacred space, one is required to wet the entire body to help make it more receptive to the energies of the space.

The Theerthakunds are subterranean tanks with solidified mercury lingas immersed in water, built as preparatory tools to enhance one’s spiritual receptivity before entering the Dhyanalinga.

Since ancient times, mercury has been an important substance in all kinds of spiritual alchemy around the world. The Linga, or Rasalinga, weighing 680 kgs, is ellipsoidal in shape and is 99.8% pure mercury solidified at room temperature.

According to the principles of modern chemistry, this kind of solidification is not possible. But here, the Rasalinga has been solidified through the ancient science of Indian alchemy.

In March 2006, Sadhguru consecrated this Linga, energizing it through a powerful process. This Linga will retain these energies almost eternally.

The Theerthakunds, though basically used as preparatory tools to enter Dhyanalinga, are very powerful by themselves. It straightens out the energy or the pranic imbalances in a person, which leads to physical and mental well-being. Above all, it creates a tremendous receptivity to imbibe the energies of Dhyanalinga.

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What is the significance of Theerthakund? What are the benefits?

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