How to experience Dhyanalinga

For one to experience and benefit from the Dhyanalinga, one does not need any belief system, or believe in anything. One need not pray, worship or make any effort to concentrate on anything. Just being willing to sit there, one can experience this. Dhyanalinga has been created as a very powerful presence of energy so that the deeper core of a person is transformed in the process of being there. The spiritual body of a person is touched when he just sits in the sphere of the Dhyanalinga.

Prayer and worship are not necessary in the Dhyanalinga. To get the best of the Dhyanalinga is to be there as an offering - to make an offering of oneself. Generally when yoga is imparted, the yogic practices are always taught in such a way that it is not just another practice but it is more as an offering to the guru, so that when one performs them everyday, one is doing it as an offering. And in the process of offering oneself, one becomes most receptive to whatever transformation the energies bring about.

Meditation being central to the Dhyanalinga, silence is held sacred in the premises, creating a very conducive atmosphere for one to experience the Dhyanalinga.

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