Visitor's Impressions

A few comments from the Guest Book at Dhyanalinga

“When I closed my eyes, tears came automatically. I don't know why. I felt my body was very light. Usually I am not able to sit in one place for more than 5 minutes, but today I sat in front of the Dhyanalinga for about 30 minutes.” - Lt. Col. P. Easwari, Guwahati, Assam.

Espace de silence et de meditation extraordinaire. La paix est presente en ce lieu. "An astounding space for silence and meditation. Peace can be experienced in this place." - Deschamps De Boishebert Olivier, France.

"I don't know how to meditate, but after being quiet for 15 to 20 minutes here, I found my whole body vibrating. I just forgot the outside world. Great experience." - Uma Natarajan, Madras

"It's a wonderful place to visit and experience peace with incredible architecture. No wonder everyone whom I met and who had visited this, is longing to visit this place again and again. Truly a different and exciting experience." - G.Srinivasan, Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai 400 055.

"As I entered the dome and sat down I felt the power of silence and quietness. I remained sitting in the cove immersed totally in this silence. It was a great elevating experience." - S. Krishnaswamy, Chennai.

"When I meditate on Linga after 4-5 minutes it disappears and I saw beautiful hills, Lake and nature. I opened my eyes again and meditated upon Linga again I saw nature and really which I felt but cannot explain it." - Latashree, Indore (M.P).

"Amalgamation of thought, spirit and breath has been a wonderful kshana before the Dhyanalinga." - Dr. S. Swaminathan, Chennai.

"The dome is an Engineering marvel. Why only few know about this? I would like more people to visit, as non-religiousness is the immense need of the hour in our country." - T. N. Ramamurthy, Chennai - 600 017.

"The time I stepped into that hall, I felt so safe and secure. It's filled with life, life and sound beyond silence. After I closed my eyes, I realized I never wanted to open them again. I'll definitely come back here someday and that last time I'll surrender myself entirely to this energy." -Tamara Menon.

"Well I have no words to describe. What a lovely place to do meditation! I had the opportunity to have Darshan of Dhyanalinga. I can feel in the atmosphere peacefulness and happiness. I have discovered today what life is."

"In this serene, calm and beautiful atmosphere and under the influence of Dhyanalinga we feel peaceful and happy." - CT Rajan, Tuticorin.

"A rare experience beyond imagination. Did not feel like coming out of meditation but had to as it was not planned trip. Wish to visit again." - RK Nayar, Kanpur.

"Dhyanalinga is a marvelous and the most silent place I have visited. It was a mind blowing beauty of the sculpture. I think I have gained a divine power here. If I could, I would like to visit again." - Mukesh.

"I have meditated before, but I find this place to be like no other. It is the most peaceful and energizing place I have ever been. Thank you!" - Rajat, Australia.

"This is my first visit here. I am filled with joy and I am able to understand and enjoy inner harmony. It's new experience to me." - Fatima.

"This is my 5th visit here but every time it has the same impact on me. It is really one of the most peaceful places on Earth"

"Highly peaceful. Even our mentally challenged children kept very quiet. The atmosphere inside the dome is very peaceful." - Dr R. Sobhale.

"It was really a fantastic place and I realized something is moving in me though I am 13 years old girl. It was a peaceful and wonderful experience. I wish to come here again. I enjoyed everything here: the silence, cleanliness and the beauty." - N.Geetha.

"I enjoyed every moment here. It's an unforgettable experience and I would like to come again to stay longer. The location, nature, cleanliness, love, food and hospitality are extraordinary. I realized what silence is and how silence enhance spiritual well being."

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